1. The emergence of smartphones in principle has not changed the way I work. What it has done is pushing me to explore other types of photography and motivating me to produce more material than I would normally do with a reflex camera (for example on platforms like Instagram).


2. The impact of social networks in photojournalism is huge. I think they are one of the sources of information most important of which have today to promote ourselves.


3. I only put my photograhs on social media when they have already been published, for promotion. It does not affect me too much (though never makes grace) if occasionally a blog or a medium, promote your photos without permission. Most of the time it is impossible to avoid.


4. Lately social networks are quite relevant to my work. Sometimes I use Instagram and Facebook. I think today is very important to give visibility to your work through all channels that are at your fingertips.


5. Freelance photographers have become extremely relevant and today staff positions are more complicated to maintain economically.

Obviously belonging to an important agency is always positive and provides a lot of publicity to your work, but I think it is no longer necessary to promote work, if you are competent.


6. Photojournalists brings professionalism to the value chain or currently photojournalist ecosystem. Without it, the quality and credibility of the work disappears.


7. The smartphone is an ally, not a threat of photojournalism, as long as a minimum of rigor, quality and professionalism are met.


8. Among the milestones that have marked the evolution of photojournalism, I bet by the digital photography as the most important, because I love it and believe in the power of the image, but I am open to any means to convey a good story to the public. The media does not matter, what matters is the message.


9. Photojournalism is, above all, to convey a message in a clear, concise and visually powerful way.


10. I believe that the Arab Spring has made youth understand the power of new technologies and their ability to make any kind of information reaches public opinion exponentially.


Although initially this is something very positive, about the concept of journalism as a profession, I think it is dangerous if it is not controlled in any way.


Rafael Fabrés

Rafael Fabrés

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