1. The digital has many advantages in the sense that you can edit your own photos, but also makes you more slave. Earlier in the Cover agency where he worked, worked on slide. Going to the agency, revealed the roll, he selected some photos and then finished my work. I was going to another event, my home or cinema. Not now. Now you have to carry your computer, have a fast Internet connection, edit photos, put him caption … it’s a lot more work.


2. For years I believed that no digital would overcome the negative, but today has been exceeded.


3. Furthermore, what makes vague digital photographers. I remember when flushed slide nailed exposure, because the slide does not give you any room for error. The clavas or not clavas. Now I say, bah has burned a point, and I fix on the computer, and more than shooting in RAW.


4. My phone (Huawei) takes pictures cool, but not even a tenth of a fairly normal camera. But at one point, if I have the camera and a very big event happens, what I can bring to the smartphone, that if the event is important enough, he will get him to give. If the photo is relevant, it’s a little like the picture is taken with a mobile phone or a camera.


5. In Spain it is very normal for an editor go to the table of photography to ask a photographer and told that this information is not sufficiently important and that makes using a mobile. The first is that no knowledge of photography, the second is that it is a mobile bucking! dale even a compact camera.


6. Social networking, from my point of view, we must catch them with tweezers. They are a means in which you can report what is happening in the street, but not trust at all. In Spain, usually no opinions, because few staff, among other issues are contrasted.


7. I’ve heard that photojournalism is dead since I started 16 years ago, and those naysayers do not believe them. Photojournalism is changing, but it’s true that if you want to survive in Spain you get to be autonomous and that will not change. Also, I think that new photojournalists not going to be worth just to take pictures, but also videos with good audio, multimedia know how to ride …


8. It’s hard, but I think photojournalists we are considered expendable. In the tables of photography newspaper work is valued, in agencies is different. Many writers say, “I do picture the” estate is worth it 10 hours ahead of jail and already do to Matas entering or leaving.


9. I believe that in the 16 years that I take in this profession level tables photography has fallen, especially since there are people. When I started, in the media, the publisher was making all efforts in the photos, but I think today, removing exceptions, no professionalism, but from above says you can not invest the time or ideas on this.

To me it makes me very envious photographers working in the 80s in Spain. You see the photos and the best of quality are not as good as those of the current SLR, but you said, what good point photographer and publisher.


10. There is a crisis in the media, but the media are also taking advantage of much of the crisis. There is also opportunism on their part. ABC pay 30 € the information, which paid me a publishing 12 years ago or so.

The paper is in crisis more than the rest. I think the role will exist, but that will happen as it starts to happen in England, where one of the powerful means no longer publishes daily and publishes only weekends paper, with reports care. A newspaper published only on the web and iPad.


Ángel Navarrete

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