1. The advent of digital computers was a breakthrough in some things but also has led to work more quickly. Each time the photographer to send pictures as soon as possible and wherever you are called for.


2. I think it’s good to be in social networks and, for example, Twitter bores me a bit but I’m incorporating followers. On Facebook I am much more active. I have Instagram but also for fun.


3. Hanging a picture on the internet has its dangers, that’s obvious. Anyway, having many pages Web’s photographers I have found that many of them do not put watermark on the photos they show to best prioritize their work.


4. Unfortunately, in most print media figure Graphic Editor has not the power it should have. Everyone thinks about photography from ignorance and that only affects the final quality of the product. You can send photos of coverage and ultimately does not leave the best photo. The graphical editing a journal is a more quality not normally valued and is very important, more visual times we live.


5. I think the figure of the photojournalist will continue. Maybe change their roles in the newspapers, not because he wants to but because the media asked to address other platforms like the video. In my opinion that’s a significant loss of quality because one person can not do photography and video at a time and that both are good.


6. The web pages of newspapers insist quick video, a news flash, and that’s a mistake. Now there are ways they started believing it would give them more readings and have stopped doing the little impact they had these videos. In my opinion the problem is not in the video but bad things done. Provides mediocrity and you’ll be in mediocrity, offers quality and have visibility.


7. The smartphone can not end with the profession of photojournalist as you know it today, much less. The smartphone is a tool.


8. To me social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (networks in which I am present) no longer be a pure entertainment. Can we spread my work? can be a good platform but not wont me professionally. I know there are many people who, for example, uses Instagram to hang their professional work. To me it’s like an anecdotal agenda. I have never considered doing serious work with mobile but not rule.


9. I think they have recently appeared a number of denominations that what they have done is just renaming established formats. A while now appears that the “Multimedia” PTO, but ¿¿what is a multimedia ???? Music continues to be a short documentary as those who have done all my life.

Many people think that is the format of the future and a new way for photojournalists and I disagree completely. If you want to make a decent quality Multimedia production is very expensive and can not find who pay you if you focus on the means of written communication. Last year I won a World Press Photo award in this category with the short “Calcio Storico”. A grueling work done by David Ramos and in which we pour nearly five months of work. Who pays decently all this work? I think we are wrong end customers. For now, the video is for me a way to tell other than photography but for the moment I do not consider it as a possible future career.


10. Generally speaking, it is clear that there is a crisis that has affected the media but in my opinion there is a more serious problem and mediocrity established in the media. You can do interesting things and quality without being too expensive, it only takes imagination and judgment, something that is sorely lacking in many media.


David Airob

David Airob

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