“We must find the way to make the photojournalism a profession better paid” Javier Arcenillas

Red Note

It is well known the great economic crisis that is engulfing the Photojournalism and curiously lot of good photographers that are coming out today despite all these obstacles, are better, more preparated, with much more advanced skills contents that make photojournalists today not only huge informants also great authors …

This has a simple explanation, 30 years ago the best photographers not devoted their time to teaching, his dedication was photographing and reporting, this formation of the medium in the few schools had was rather technical and difficult to set you up for work in the street today is not so. Large freelance photographers have spent to publish their weekly or monthly reports annually to do almost quarterly or semiannual in the most optimistic case basis. Large global photographic starsystem (and Spanish in particular) now devote part of their time to seminars, workshops or courses where exported all their knowledge in the field. This produces a huge not only visual or technical education (which was the main part 30 years ago) but also as practical and interesting materials such as editing, concept, narrative or ethics.

For example, this Spanish photojournalists between 22 to 32 years have in most cases university education, education in social networks and technology and languages, to this must be added the great festivals of photography and photojournalism there and more than acceptable offer workshops and courses taught by the best professionals hardened wars, travel, journalism, audiovisual, advertising and documentary to be found.

30 years ago it did not exist.

Although we still have a formative tara sooner we resolve to do our work. Creativity and involvement of photojournalists in our country is not beyond doubt but not management capacity. Leaving aside for the moment those who are working to media agencies or media, the strong core of photojournalism remain the freelance professionals and among them I find there is a huge lack of training in economics, marketing and business management considering these points as necessary to generate customers and / or benefits.

This makes it difficult in many cases the progression and projection of our respective initiatives and lead to failure professional company project.

I think out of that first technical or journalistic training and the professional education seminars, workshops and courses, we must add the knowledge that allow us to create personal business models or companies with new ideas and more open development to make our profession, photojournalism, a way of life better paid.

Fortunately buds start to go in that direction as Calamar2, MEMO or cooperative rather interesting photographers …. and hoping we do not stop there.

A hug.

Javier Arcenillas.


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